The Changeling - Preorder 3rd Batch

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*PRE-ORDER for third batch*


-Estimated Shipping date: Monday, September 15th, 2014.

*Includes reverse-threaded top pin upgrade.


Package details:

-Changeling mod with Stainless Steel sleeve featuring 3 milled out slits & Uroboros engraving inlaid with Greek alchemical symbols
-Plain SS sleeve for sleek, simple elegance
-G-Case V2 for professional & classy on-the-go device protection


*Brass Pegasus sleeve NOT included (must purchase separately)


General Specs:

-Machined, engraved, assembled, and packaged in the USA by the finest of craftsmen
-Capability of shapeshifting
-18650 size tube
-22mm Diameter
-All pieces made of solid 99.9% copper except top insulator
-Manufactured from solid copper billet
-Hidden vent-holes in switch for improved aesthetics
-Thick reverse-threaded & knurled locking ring for convenience and functionality
-Floating **Reverse-Threaded** top-pin w/ telescopic screw for same-spot atomizer/battery rattle adjustment
-Neodymium magnet switch
-Deep & bold 12-pass precision laser engravings
-Blessed by the Greek Gods and Goddesses


Concept Info:

The device of infinite forms. Trusted performance without aesthetic limitations.


We at Olympus Creations set out to create a device that brings solutions to many concerns in the world of vaping. The Changeling mod began with a shapeshifting theme, and the idea that certain aspects of mods must always be included (firing pins, switch mechanism, battery space, etc). We found it possible to include these necessities and separate them from what can be changed, which is the appearance.


The user will have the undeniable performance of copper internals every time, without sacrificing the aesthetics of other materials. Through unique mechanical design, we can achieve multi-layer, multi-material contrast while maintaining the basic structure and performance of what we trust and appreciate.


This device is something that is able to evolve with inspiration, not decreasing the enjoyment of its use over time. Along with the emphasis on adaptability of aesthetics, the device will evolve faster than counterfeiting companies can keep up, if that problem is to occur in the future.


Vaping is a lifestyle. These devices are no longer simply a method of smoking cessation. They are extensions of ourselves and provide indescribable feelings when held in our hands. The goal with this release is to provide a base for users to express themselves freely with a variety of different designs.


Future plans:


- Unique top cap / bottom cap kits (such as recessed switches)
- Exotic material sleeves + atomizer top cap kits (exotic woods, carbon fiber, damascus steel)
- Sleeves for Greek mythological figures
- Precious-gem encrusted components in extremely limited quantities (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds)