The Pegasus Mod (Pre-order Batch 2)

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*Pre-order for second batch of 250*


-Estimated Shipping date March 31, 2014


Limited production of 500 units only. (Meaning that for the rest of forever's eternity, these are the only units of The Pegasus to ever be manufactured)


-18650 size tube (Additional size tubes will be released in the future)
-22mm Diameter
-All pieces made of solid 99.9% copper except the top insulator
-Manufactured from solid copper billet in the USA, allowing for thick tube walls for robust construction

-Vent holes hidden in the switch enclosure to prevent from interfering with aesthetics
-Reverse-threaded locking ring
-Floating top-pin with an adjustable screw for battery rattle
-Magnetic button
-Large, deep & bold 12-pass precision laser engravings
-Blessed by the Greek Gods and Goddesses